Mentoring Testimonials

"Emily has always been wonderful in helping me to feel more upbeat and put things into perspective when I am feeling low or sorry for myself due to my physical limitations. I sometimes feel that I am no longer contributing to society due to my disease that is affecting my spine. I may be having a 'down' day, but those seem to be the days when Emily checks in just to say ‘hello’ and when we are done talking I always feel so much better about myself and what I can do as opposed to what I can’t do any longer. She is very much a ray of sunshine in my life!" -A.M.

"I have had the opportunity, and pleasure, of working together with Emily in a variety of roles. I have found her to be a constant inspiration, whether she is dispensing helpful guidance for a personal issue, mentoring to help others understand how to live their best lives, or just offering a listening ear, Emily’s compassionate, nonjudgmental approach is one of great virtue." - J.L.W.

"Emily is a very insightful soul who has a knack for helping you to identify your feelings through active and compassionate listening. She works with you to discover methods of alleviating your own suffering, such as sadness, anger, etc. with the use of empathy and humor, while keeping it all real. I find myself with a smile plastered on my face after I chat with her!" -S.D.

"Most of us are dealing with the problems associated with Myositis in whatever form we may have, and it's so rare that some doctors are not knowledgable enough to help us physically let alone mentally. So if you're seeking support to help you through rough patches and you feel no one understands, let Emily Filmore be the answer. Her compassion and love of helping others is limitless. She has a unique way of seeing things and is proof that our disease does not define us. I'm proud to know her and consider her a gift and a friend. You will too if you need her assistance." - S.S.

"Emily is a warm, compassionate and loving person who has developed a plethora of coping skills during many years living with chronic illness. In spite of a body which sometimes betrays her, she refuses to be a victim of circumstances and chooses, instead, to be a positive influence in her own life and in the lives of others. I can think of no one more equipped to serve as a guide through life’s journeys." - S.B.

"Emily Filmore is soft hearted, always supportive, and extremely knowledgeable in so many ways. One in particular is her fresh perspective and loving, patient wisdom that she provides are invaluable to personal, spiritual, and emotional growth. Because of her, I always feel uplifted, light, and empowered after talking or being with her. I am so grateful to know Emily and happy to have her as part of my support system." - C.S.

"When I talk to Emily about the decisions I have to make in my life, I find her vulnerability and openness put me at ease and let me know that I am not alone in having the feelings I am having, and her strength and curiosity help me find the answers I am looking for." -A.L.

"I’ve known Emily for about a year and we both have Dermatomyositis. After reading her book, ‘The Marvelous Transformation’, my perspective on how I was living my life changed. Not only did she make me realize that I can choose the way I feel about my life with chronic illness, but she also has never been afraid to tell the truth. And sometimes we really need to hear the truth so that we can come back to reality. Her compassion and strength is what sets her apart from others; she’s just the right amount of “humble” and “humor” that most of us need in our lives! Thank you, Emily, for all that you do!" -A.C.

"During a very difficult time in my life God reconnected me with a dear friend. A lifetime of dealing with insecurities and a deep inferiority complex had taken a toll. During this time Emily was there to encourage and help me see who God says I am. She spoke with such compassion, understanding and truth that I began to finally see! This was no 12 step program but a journey to loving and appreciating who I am. I'm truly blessed to have Emily in my life!" - T.L.


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