Having a rare, chronic disease can be very isolating, even among a supportive family and network of friends. Thankfully, Emily has established many significant friendships through FaceBook support groups. It is important, in staying well, that we have people with similar experiences on whom to lean and from whom we can learn. One such group has blossomed into the formation of a new organization called Myositis Support and Understanding. You can read about it by clicking here.

Emily has also been blessed with the opportunity to try many different healing modalities, both modern and traditional, in her quest to conquer her health problems. She has had great relief with essential oils, herbal supplements, acupuncture, Reiki, therapeutic massage, aquatic physical therapy, and yoga.

Herbal supplements and vitamins have supported Emily's body and helped address her nutritional deficiencies. She meets with a Holistic Nutritional Consultant monthly to evaluate her body's needs and determine what supplements to use. Cori Scheitlin, her consultant is a great resource and is able to work with anyone, regardless of geography, through Skype, email and phone consultations. Cori can be found here.

Emily also has an amazing team of doctors following her at the University of Kansas, led by her rheumatologist, Dr. Merhdad Maz.

She currently receives in Aquatic Physical Therapy and has found it to be very helpful where other therapies have failed.

Emily tries to use natural products for everything from cleansing her body to cleaning her house. She has found LUSH Cosmetics to be gentle and effective for helping to calm and heal her skin issues. She also uses sensitive products from First Aid Beauty and all-natural products Lemongrass Spa.

If you have any questions about any of her experiences, please feel free to email Emily at

Be Well!

***Emily is not a doctor or medical practitioner. Please do not construe her successes or experiences as medical diagnosis or advice, she is merely sharing what has worked for her in order to expose you to different modalities. It is up to you to research further and consult your doctor before starting any new treatment or product.***