Personal & Spiritual Mentoring Sessions 

with Best-Selling Author, Emily A. Filmore

Emily is available for personal and spiritual mentoring. Emily's measured, common sense, empathetic approach to everyday situations will help you find your own answers. Emily helps you dive into your own intuitive self, helps you ask the right questions, and examine your own limiting beliefs that are keeping you from making the most effective decisions that will best serve your life. Whether your questions involve personal growth, spiritual inquiries, relationships, parenting, or emotions arising from health circumstances; Emily can help you mine through your thoughts and come to clarity. 

Emily believes strongly that no person should miss out on mentoring due to financial constraints, so she has decided to operate her hourly fees on a sliding scale. Please do not let finances hinder you contacting her, you will find that since it is Emily's passion to help others she can be very flexible with fees where the authentic need arises. Packages are also available.

Please contact her by email to schedule your confidential phone, FaceTime, or Skype appointment. Emily looks forward to helping you work toward your best self!!