Emily's family has been using organic lavender oil for years for relaxation and for support with mild discomfort. Young Living Essential Oils "YLEOs" (100% pure organic essential oils) have changed their lives! They use YLEOs to protect and calm themselves, promote restful sleep, support proper joint, muscle, and digestive function, alleviate minor discomfort, and maintain a healthier life style!

  • Diffusing YLEOs in the home adds to a comforting ambiance of warmth and love. 
  • Using them at bedtime helps establish an important routine of self-care.
  • Cleaning with YLEO leaves the house, clean, fresh and chemical-free.
  • Emily feels good to know that she is supplying her family with a safe alternative to man-made chemicals.

If you want more information about YLEO please click here to email Emily.

Emily is an Independent Distributor with Young Living, member #1478871.