Conversations with God for Parents

by Neale Donald Walsch, Laurie Lankins Farley, and Emily Filmore, October, 2015 by Rainbow Ridge. Bestseller!

Trade Reviews: 

[T]his is an in-depth, yet highly readable, discussion of the universal connectedness of every living being to every other living being. Co-authored with Laurie Lankins Farley and Emily A. Filmore a major step into the future of human spirituality and a sense of co-existing with a power higher than ourselves. - Anna Jedrziewski, RETAILING INSIGHT Magazine

[Walsch] has an international audience attuned to the message of a nonjudgmental God . . . [in this book], each chapter is divided into two parts, the first explaining the spiritual principle being considered in a way adults can grasp, followed by lists of ways adults can share and discuss the principle with children . . . there's so much that is useful [that] parents can easily pick and choose. - Ilene Cooper, BOOKLIST

From the very first months after the first Conversations with God book was published in May, 1995, the demand began to appear for tools that would assist parents in teaching the marvelous concepts of this extraordinary dialogue to children. 

Conversations with God for Parents is a response to that request. In it, Neale Donald Walsch joined with Laurie Lankins Farley and Emily Filmore, the directors of the School of the New Spirituality, to write a parenting book to awaken parents to the everyday life principles and practices of new thought parenting.  

They wanted to make available for parents not only the tools for teaching and parenting through CWG’s concepts, but a narrative summary of the concepts themselves. They knew this special articulation for parents would form the backbone of their spiritual home and guide their parenting efforts. This book will also assist parents, should they decide to use the other tools being created by our School with maximum effectiveness.  This 400 page book for parents is not a workbook -- it is an unique and inspiring parenting book, with content that will help parents guide their children through the core concepts from the 3,000 pages of Conversations with God, strengthening the next generation and reminding children Who They Really Are!

Featured Early Reader Review:

"This is a beautifully written book. I enjoy the concepts and helpful ways to introduce God and spirituality with my children. The authors have done a great job at writing questions and thought-provoking chapters to help parents gain clarity on their ideas of God and Life and all that that encompasses. It is encouraged to get clear with your own concepts so that you can be clear with your children as they explore their ideas. Thank you, Neale, Laurie, and Emily for your wisdom!" - Carmella

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