Voting- about disability

Voting is one of our privileges and duties as Americans. As a spiritual, conscious living writer, I believe we can all work to bring our beliefs about the world into alignment with our actions. We have an edict as conscious people to better the world in which we live, to make it safer and more loving, to raise the vibration for all people. Political activism isn't the antithesis of this, it is the next level of spiritual awareness. Over the next few weeks I'm going to explore the issues as presented by the candidates for president through this lens. Since many of my fans have illness and/or disability in common I thought I'd start with that.


The US stands for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. The ADA expanded these protections to people with disabilities. We have to make sure that people are not ostracized nor marginalized due to disability or illness. We need to look openly and critically at what the candidates say and do with regard to disability.

Hillary Clinton has a comprehensive plan to help people with disabilities find meaningful work, which utilizes their strengths, and helps them to realize their full potential. She has worked during her entire professional life to ensure access to school for children with disabilities


As president Hillary will...

"Work to fulfill the promise of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Expand support for Americans with disabilities to live in integrated community settings.

Improve access to meaningful, gainful employment for people with disabilities.

Provide tax relief to help the millions of families caring for aging relatives or family members with chronic illnesses or disabilities."


Donald Trump's website is silent on any plan having to do with people with disabilities, however he is no stranger to controversy, having made fun of a man with a disability at a rally, and having been sued for ADA violations in his business.


You decide. And don't forget to vote November 8th!