How spiritual awareness inevitably leads to kindness

Walking in spiritual awareness makes the world appear to be a different place than it was before. We see things more clearly, we hear our friends and family members more keenly. We understand ourselves on a deeper level.

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My Spirituality and Parenting are Inseparable

For me, spiritual parenting means raising aware children who view themselves as part of the whole of humanity, who recognize that we are all one, and that everything we do affects others. It means being conscious of how our actions as parents affect the inner landscapes of our children. It means helping children be humans who want to better the world, who care about others, have empathy and are kind, and understand that actions have natural consequences both positive and negative.

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Do you ever feel like parenting in the New Spirituality is a little bit like flapping in the wind? I mean, in Conversations with God, God threw out all the rules that told us how we can truly live!

The new constructs can read more like feel-good, motivational phrases than concepts: 

  • We are all one!

  • God talks to everyone, all the time!

  • There's no such thing as right and wrong!

  • There's nothing you have to!

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This week my goal has been to write the next lesson for the School of the New Spirituality's website The Conversations with God concept I've had in mind is "Every act is an act of self-definition." Little did I know that I would have the opportunity to experience this very concept in real time… well, I guess I should have expected the Universe (by the “Universe” I understand I am saying myself) to present me with an instance of that which I write, as happens when I am writing about anything! But seriously, Self, did it have to coincide with the U.S. gun debate?  A matter which I had most definitely decided against writing about? Ah, therein lies the rub! I had avoided the topic, so I, and the Universe, made sure I had to confront my own fears and feelings about it to be sure I understood. Well played, my friend. Well played.

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Living a conscious life is interesting! Because you are more aware of life as it unfolds you get the opportunity to really know yourself, your life partner, your children and the other family members around you. It can also be a little bit of a contradiction of terms because while you notice more about your surroundings and the actions of others - you may, at the same time, choose not to react to those things in the typical fashion. For instance, you may consciously decide to take fewer things personally, let the more trivial things go (like tooth paste dripped on the counter, laundry that doesn't make it into the hamper, and coats that do not make it onto the hook), and work harder to find the positives in difficult situations. In other words, if you are living in the moment, you may make New Day's Resolutions every day, so New Year's Resolutions might seem silly to you. Instead, let's talk about making New Day's Resolutions.     

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How do you feel about the gift buying season? Do you feel a conflict between a wish to shower your child with presents and your desire to be spiritual? Does that necessarily mean eschewing an abundant holiday? Can you find a balance between the two? Many of us enjoy shopping for our children; and while we are inundated with ads and sales enticing us to spend without limit we may start to question where buying presents, heaped upon presents, fits in with The New Spirituality.     

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Neale Donald Walsch said recently, "A master lives in gratitude at every moment." How can we lead our children to find their own, meaningful experience of a life of gratitude?     

In the US, the month of November is often a time to reflect on one's good fortune.  As we approach Thanksgiving, social media is inundated with "30 days of thankfulness" posts while many renew their attention to charitable giving and volunteering as an outpouring of their gratitude.

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