Chronic Illness, Myositis, and Depression

The following are the comments I gave to a support group about my book, The Marvelous Transformation: Living Well with Autoimmune Disease and how one can use the messages within it to deal with the mild, acute, hopelessness, sadness, and even depression that sometimes results from flares of chronic illnesses like myositis.

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Voting- about disability

Over the next few weeks I'm going to explore the issues as presented by the candidates for president through the lens of conscious and spiritual living. Since many of my fans have illness and/or disability in common I thought I'd start with that.

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Yet another thing stolen from me by bicycle

A message for my friends with chronic illnesses

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Helping family members understand the merry-go-round of chronic illness from a spouse’s perspective

By Scott and Emily Filmore

A recurring topic of conversation in health support groups is the difficulty spouses, partners, parents, siblings, children, or friends of people with chronic illness show in understanding and accepting the realities of their loved ones’ health situations. This is often compounded for people with the so-called invisible diseases such as myositis, fibromyalgia, MS, chronic migraines, and other autoimmune diseases because no matter how bad patients feel on the inside, no matter how weak their muscles, no matter how much fatigue they struggle with, they often look normal to the outside world....

...Scott Filmore, Emily’s partner of thirteen years, weighs in on what he does to help create a successful marriage even as they face the daily struggles of her multiple health issues.

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The Presumptiveness of Health Privilege in Spirituality

I live a happy, spiritually fulfilled life. I am a spirituality and parenting author and speaker who teaches about gratitude, unconditional love, and open communication. I share ways to raise spiritually open and aware children who will know how to love themselves and others, envisioning themselves as part of the greater whole, all while having a strong sense of their boundaries, desires, and ability to protect themselves from outside manipulation. I believe in the inner goodness of all human beings, I love without reservation, and I send wishes and blessings of peace, harmony, and well-being to every creature I meet. I meditate, connect with the Universal energy that I believe is in all of us, and feel the harmony of all that Is. I also happen to have had an autoimmune disease for over twenty years that limits my energy and my physical activities; but I haven’t let it stop my happiness.

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