The three parts of me: body, mind, and soul enjoy a little wake-up call

(How a celebrity body-shaming piece led me to write this article).

In "The Marvelous Transformation: Living Well With Autoimmune Disease," I write about taking back control of our body image even when chronic illness continues to damage it. I ran across one of these body shaming articles this morning, directed at celebrities and the "worst examples" of aging and I got angry.

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Breathe deeply. Live in the moment. Be present. Forget the past, don't fret about the future! 
Enjoy life as it unfolds.

Sounds like it should be simple doesn't it? But what does presence really mean, especially to a busy parent? It may have been easier to practice presence when you had luscious minutes (or hours) to sit in lotus chanting "OHM." But now, with the wonders and beauty of parenting, those routines may be distant memories. Do you yearn for five minutes to connect with your inner self? It's ok to admit it - there is no judgment here! Admitting it doesn't take anything away from the pleasure you experience as a parent, it is just a chance to honor the part of you that is YOU, not the YOU that is mommy/daddy; the YOU that is the wonderful, amazing, divine being who feels fulfillment when you connect with your spirituality.

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