Battle Cry of The Universal Sisterhood (a poem) by Emily A. Filmore

Warning: this piece deals with the topics of sexual assault and consent. Please proceed with caution.

The importance and magnitude of

The Universal Sisterhood

has penetrated the collective female consciousness since the simple “I’m with hers” weren’t enough.

Now, we feel it in our bones.

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The three parts of me: body, mind, and soul enjoy a little wake-up call

(How a celebrity body-shaming piece led me to write this article).

In "The Marvelous Transformation: Living Well With Autoimmune Disease," I write about taking back control of our body image even when chronic illness continues to damage it. I ran across one of these body shaming articles this morning, directed at celebrities and the "worst examples" of aging and I got angry.

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If you had seen me 10 months ago you might have mistaken me for a skinny girl. At 5’3 (on a good day) and 130 pounds, I had narrow hips, hollow cheeks, a defined chin and neck, thin arms, and my legs didn’t rub together when I walked. My stomach didn’t protrude and my clothes glided over my body. I could fold myself into a chair the way you are “supposed” to and I had a long neck and cute little crinkles in the corners of my eyes and mouth when I smiled. would have been mistaken.

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