Why I walked out of a restaurant and why you should too: advocating for safer food through your dollars

I've talked before about how becoming spiritually aware leads one to see things more clearly, both positive and negative, in the world. This dawning of awareness is not always easy to sustain without comment. This extends to the ways businesses conduct themselves, especially after you see how other business are able to handle the same situation. I recently had one such experience.

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The three parts of me: body, mind, and soul enjoy a little wake-up call

(How a celebrity body-shaming piece led me to write this article).

In "The Marvelous Transformation: Living Well With Autoimmune Disease," I write about taking back control of our body image even when chronic illness continues to damage it. I ran across one of these body shaming articles this morning, directed at celebrities and the "worst examples" of aging and I got angry.

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As Myositis patients encounter negative side effects or lack of results from pharmaceuticals, they often look for other options. Thanks to the increase of information and evidence about alternative and complementary options, many Myositis patients are turning to nutritional supplements, essential oils and other therapies for additional support when dealing with health. Some had been used for centuries but fell into disuse with the invention of modern medicine. We cannot recommend you use any of the following without consulting your doctor but want to share with you some of the information we have found to be recent topics of interest.

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