Yet another thing stolen from me by bicycle

A message for my friends with chronic illnesses

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The three parts of me: body, mind, and soul enjoy a little wake-up call

(How a celebrity body-shaming piece led me to write this article).

In "The Marvelous Transformation: Living Well With Autoimmune Disease," I write about taking back control of our body image even when chronic illness continues to damage it. I ran across one of these body shaming articles this morning, directed at celebrities and the "worst examples" of aging and I got angry.

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When I was young, my dad used to take me to the office with him on the weekend. It was my, special, alone time with him, where I only shared his attention with his job rather than my two sibs, my mom's honey-do list, and all of the activities of home. I clearly remember listening to him sing the song "Me and My Shadow" as I followed closely behind him through the office! For some reason it always made me feel special that he sang that song for me, even if it was because I wouldn't let him leave my side while I "shadowed" him at work. 

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