Inspirational Hearts to give your children

Do you want to use Valentine's day (or any day!) to inspire and encourage your child? Here are some ready made hearts to print, cut out, and post around the house/in your child's bedroom to celebrate how amazing you think he or she is! I've also included a couple of blank ones for you to personalize. Your child will delight in feeling so appreciated! I made these for my kds and then decided they were so cute I had to share them.

Right-Click on each heart and then "save as" on to download.


With love,

Emily A. Filmore

Emily A. Filmore is the author of the With My Child series of children's books about family bonding ( She is co-author of Conversations with God for Parents with Neale Donald Walsch and Laurie Lankins Farley. (Rainbow Ridge, 2015), and author of The Marvelous Transformation: Living Well with Autoimmune Disease, about her experiences with chronic illness. (Central Recovery Press 2015). Emily is available for personal and spiritual mentoring, and may be contacted at