Parenting Children for Unconditional Self-Love

An easy exercise that you can do with a journal and crayons, markers, or colored pencils and your child will feel cherished, filled up, and reminded of Who They Really Are. Remembering and embracing Who You Really Are is crucial, it is the main ingredient in having Unconditional Self-Love.

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Helping family members understand the merry-go-round of chronic illness from a spouse’s perspective

By Scott and Emily Filmore

A recurring topic of conversation in health support groups is the difficulty spouses, partners, parents, siblings, children, or friends of people with chronic illness show in understanding and accepting the realities of their loved ones’ health situations. This is often compounded for people with the so-called invisible diseases such as myositis, fibromyalgia, MS, chronic migraines, and other autoimmune diseases because no matter how bad patients feel on the inside, no matter how weak their muscles, no matter how much fatigue they struggle with, they often look normal to the outside world....

...Scott Filmore, Emily’s partner of thirteen years, weighs in on what he does to help create a successful marriage even as they face the daily struggles of her multiple health issues.

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Parenting, spirituality, and competitive athletes

The last thing I ever thought I would be, as I meditated and yoga-ed my way through pregnancy, was a competitive athlete’s mom. But part of being a conscious, aware, attached, and spiritual parent is listening to the soul's yearnings of your child - and my daughter, and her soul, proclaimed loud and clear: "I want to be a figure skater." Before she ever thought I would strap a pair of blades to her feet she was "skating" across the bare floors of our home in makeshift skates of socks, empty tissue boxes, and anything else that would slide; whether I thought it was safe or not! 

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Powerful by Empire (ft. Alicia Keys and Jussie Smollett) should be every family's anthem

I wish every child would know, feel and believe the power of the words of this song to their core.

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My Spirituality and Parenting are Inseparable

For me, spiritual parenting means raising aware children who view themselves as part of the whole of humanity, who recognize that we are all one, and that everything we do affects others. It means being conscious of how our actions as parents affect the inner landscapes of our children. It means helping children be humans who want to better the world, who care about others, have empathy and are kind, and understand that actions have natural consequences both positive and negative.

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NOVEMBER 14, 2015

On November 14, 2015, Emily and Beautiful Day Publishing present With My Child: An Alternative Parenting and Education Gathering at F.LO.A.T. in cooperation with Rest BodyworkGood4theSol, and Scott Filmore, Esq. Come join us for a multidimensional parenting workshop. More details coming soon.

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We have done a "great" job of teaching our daughter about the three R's of caring for the environment. She has become especially attached to the REUSE portion of the cycle. As a consequence, she won't throw anything away. Scraps of felt, paper towel rolls, construction paper, boxes from greetings cards, plastic packaging from toys…I guess I should be happy, but my house might be featured someday on an episode of Hoarders. Look for me; I'll be lost in the pile of felt clippings. Fortunately, we have begun putting these treasures to use. 

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When I was young, my dad used to take me to the office with him on the weekend. It was my, special, alone time with him, where I only shared his attention with his job rather than my two sibs, my mom's honey-do list, and all of the activities of home. I clearly remember listening to him sing the song "Me and My Shadow" as I followed closely behind him through the office! For some reason it always made me feel special that he sang that song for me, even if it was because I wouldn't let him leave my side while I "shadowed" him at work. 

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