#40DaysofGratitude #Countdownto40

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and it's the big 4-0! What is one to do when age starts to feel a little overwhelming, yet one lives a spiritual life? I decided to turn it around by concentrating on the things for which I am grateful! 

So began my #40DaysofGratitude and #Countdownto40 campaign. I took an entire weekend and investigated my life and searched my soul to find the 40 things that I appreciate most my world. I thought about all the trials and tribulations of living with illness, as well as all the triumphs of being a parent and living in a wonderful partnership with my husband. What you see below is a representation of my life, the beauty that I see every day, often through laughter, but sometimes tear stained-cheeks. I believe that we can manifest our best, happiest, highest selves when we work to find gratitude on our worst days as well as our best days. Gratitude makes every single moment of my life better.

I hope these will inspire you to look for your own gratitude in the simple things in life.