Winter Poems to enjoy

Frost bite!

-Emily Filmore

Snow falls softly down,

Gently touching my nose,

A flake lands right between my eyes,

It chills me to my toes.


When winter brings its cold, cold stare,

And summer’s boughs release their leaves,

My momma’s voice gets really stern:

Wear boots, coats, pants and long sleeves!


I never hear her talk like that,

She’s generally so sweet.

But with winter you’d think she’s lost her mind,

As she talks of frost bite stealing my feet!


Let’s go again!

-Emily Filmore

Glide, swoosh, screech, crunch. WHEEEEEEE!

Snow sledding’s distinctive sounds fill the world as we hike up the enormous, steep hill ready for our next run.


“Okay. I’m ready.”

Sled down.

Bottom planted.


      Lift off.

“Whoa, I’m going fast!”


Whoosh goes the wind

---------------------Streaks of color fly past.

Cold air presses against my cheeks.

---------------------Tears stream from my eyes.

Snot runs from my nose.

---------------------I might even be slobbering. YUCK!


My hands hurt from gripping the sled so tight, I’ve never gone this fast!

“Keep your eyes, open!” I say to myself as I brace myself for impact.

CRASH! I land in a big heap!

Let’s go again!

Emily A. Filmore is the author of the With My Child series of children's books about family bonding. She is the co-author of Conversations with God for Parents with Neale Donald Walsch and Laurie Lankins Farley. (Rainbow Ridge, 2015). And the author of The Marvelous Transformation: Living Well with Autoimmune Disease about her experiences with chronic illness. (Central Recovery Press 2015). Emily is available for Personal and Spiritual Mentoring.