What does fatigue feel like to you?​ The difficult job of describing fatigue

Fatigue is a difficult concept to explain. People repeatedly attempt to paint a picture and yet nothing seems to rise to the level of its severity and effect on life. Fatigue is a physical, mental, and emotional phenomenon. It robs you of your ability to move, think, talk, and act. It causes you to miss out on life with your family.

Imagine standing in neck high water and having a 500-pound weight tied to each limb, to your head, eyes, mouth, chest, and back. It feels like every movement is laden with this weight, even the mere task of sitting up, even forming words to speak.

Fatigue can make you feel like you are not human. It slows your brain, slows your movements and it is devastating. You feel utterly alone and helpless.

What does fatigue feel like to you?