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Latest News

April-May 2017: Neale Donald Walsch launches new CWG Connect website, Emily is a Contributor to the CWG Voices section with Neale's endorsement.

December 2016:

Emily is now a Contributor at Medium.com


Click on image to visit CwG Connect


Click here to see Emily's author page on Medium

Click here to see Emily's author page on Medium

September 15, 2016: Emily spoke at Washington University in St. Louis

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August 2016:  Emily's work  been featured on


Emily's Intuitive Child interview is now available for viewing: 


Amazon.com Bestseller

Amazon.com Bestseller

Available on AmazonBarnes and Noble and at all other booksellers. Read more here.

As seen in IG Living Magazine (1/2016) and The AARDA's InFocus Newsletter (9/2015)

“The story Emily tells in her own voice is one of sincerity, clarity, experience, and ultimately of hope. She eloquently transfers the life lessons she has learned as a patient into a guidebook for others who may be suffering in silence. I'm delighted to highly recommend The Marvelous Transformation to my patients and all patients with autoimmune diseases.”   - Lisa Christopher-Stine, Director, Johns Hopkins Myositis Center, Associate Professor of Medicine and Neurology, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine



Amazon.com Bestseller

Amazon.com Bestseller

"[T]his is an in-depth, yet highly readable, discussion of the universal connectedness of every living being to every other living being. Co-authored with Laurie Lankins Farley and Emily A. Filmore [...] is a major step into the future of human spirituality and a sense of co-existing with a power higher than ourselves." - Anna Jedrziewski, RETAILING INSIGHT Magazine

Emily's newest book, co-authored with Neale Donald Walsch and Laurie Lankins Farley, is available now through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Co-Authored with Neale Donald Walsch & Laurie Lankins Farley - a parenting book to awaken parents to the everyday life principles and practices of new thought parenting.  



Parents and children need and deserve to spend quality time together…Emily's Children's books will help! It's a Beautiful Day for Yoga and It's a Beautiful Day for a Walk, written to help you increase family bonding, are available here

Every day with your child can be a beautiful day!

Smile So Big You Shine!

Smile So Big You Shine!


The Kindness Smile Project

Emily recently started the Kindness Smile Project. It is a free, worldwide, initiative to encourage people to treat each other with sincere, heartfelt kindness.

The first exercise of the Project was Kindness Smile Day, March 18, 2016. Stay tuned for our next project!

Please click here to learn more!

Emily with her family in New York City, June 2015 - Scott, Sage, and Rickey

Emily with her family in New York City, June 2015 - Scott, Sage, and Rickey

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